More continuity and long-term availability


SIMATIC IPC - More continuity and long-term availability

Experience has shown: In-house production and development have a direct influence on the quality and ensure reliable compliance with the high SIMATIC quality standards.

SIMATIC IPCs are equipped with selected, high-quality brand components with a high MTBF (mean time between failures).

The environmentally compatible devices comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives.


Competence leads to security
Thanks to our in-house development, we are able to comprehensively cater to your wishes and realize customer-specific requirements. All our development departments are made up of experts for every PC component with close contact to our supplier partners.

Long-lasting concepts
With SIMATIC IPCs you can implement long-term concepts thanks to:

  • Availability of 3 to 5 years (at least 1.5 years for IPC547C)

  • 5-year repair and spare parts service (IPC547C: 3 years) after expiry of the active marketing period

This results in a total service and support period of 8 – 10 years following market launch. Upon request, you can also be provided with systems permanently tailored to a specific application, so-called design freeze systems – complete and ready for operation.

SIMATIC IPCs offer maximum compatibility and long-term availability with a minimum 6-month overlapping period in case of innovations and new device generations, as well as a total service and support period of 8 – 10 years following market launch.

Defined continuity
Already prior to the development of the mainboards, close coordination with the suppliers' roadmaps is ensured.

Motherboards from our internal development and production stands for continuity

Advantages at a glance

  • We can control innovation steps more effectively and adjust them to the market requirements.

  • Communication of the product roadmaps specifically and actively supports you as a user with the migration of your PC solutions.

Hardware and software compatibility
If practical, the mechanical dimensions of SIMATIC IPCs are compatible with the design of their predecessors. Together with the high compatibility of the interfaces, this provides you with the additional advantage of easy and fast integration.

You can use your existing user software on a new device without program changes over several device generations. You are still provided, e.g. with operating systems such as Windows 2000, and can also use modern software such as SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor with Windows 2000.

Within a device generation, SIMATIC IPCs offer a particularly high degree of image compatibility. This enables you to install the unchanged software image (operating system, drivers and application). This minimizes your adjustment expenditures.