More application options


SIMATIC IPCs are employed in many applications and sectors. They are perfectly equipped and suitable for open- and closed-loop control, visualization, measuring and testing, data processing and communication tasks as well as for gateways and as network transition.

SIMATIC IPCs are playing an inceasingly important role in the context of intelligent enery management.


The main applications of SIMATIC IPCs are manifold:   

  • Automotive industry (e.g. test bays, paint lines)   

  • Semiconductor and electronics industry (e.g. diffusion plants, wafer production)   

  • Regenerative energy (solar, wind)

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry (e.g. tablet presses, fermenters)   

  • Oil, gas and water (e.g. water treatment, water supply)   

  • Foodstuff industry (e.g. filling systems, fruit presses)   

  • Stock-keeping and logistics (e.g. high-bay warehouses, conveyor technology)   

  • Mechanical engineering (e.g. printing machines, textile machines, CD/DVD production)

Examples in automotive

Body construction
The compact and rugged embedded HMI IPC477C with WinAC RTX software PLC and WinCC flexible is used for control and visualization directly on the machine.

Chassis installation: HMI station
In the chassis installation plant, the compact and powerful Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677C is used as an HMI station for system operation and monitoring.

Engine and transmission construction
Engine and transmission construction poses high requirements in terms of EMC, dirt and heat. For monitoring and control of the test bays, the rugged Rack PC SIMATIC IPC847C is employed.The maintenance-free and ultra-compact embedded Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427C is used for screw data recording and quality control on site.

Chassis adjusting test bay
HMI station
For the acquisition and fast processing of large volumes of data collected from roller test bays or chassis adjustment test benches, Box PCs SIMATIC IPC627C are employed with flatpanel monitors or Panel PCs SIMATIC HMI IPC677C with WinCC visualization software as the HMI station up to 30 meters away.

Quality assurance
The information and data processing system for monitoring and saving quality data and machine states requires maximum performance. The powerful Rack PC SIMATIC IPC847C in a control cabinet is used for quality assurance.

Examples in food and beverages

Control room (MIS level)
Large quantities of data have to be rapidly processed or visualized in the control room. The powerful Rack PC SIMATIC IPC547C reliably handles visualization of the production line, display and recording of plant faults, recipe management, as well as the documentation of quality data.

The SIMATIC IPC847C provides a high performance and, with up to 11 PCI/PCI-Express slots, high expandability for vision systems for fast inspection e.g. of bottles for faults, for positioning and printing of labels, or for level monitoring.

Plant monitoring and operation
Wet area: HMI station
The Panel PC SIMATIC HMI IPC677C with WinCC visualization software and stainless steel front is highly suitable for the wet area, e.g. for cleaning, filling, and for individual transportation of open bottles. Mounted on the boom, it is responsible for monitoring and operation of the machines, e.g. for visualization of faults or for maintenance work.

Dry area: HMI station
The Box PC SIMATIC IPC627C reliably handles plant monitoring in the dry area as well as control of crate filling and transportation. A remote flat panel monitor connected up to 30 meters away permits plant monitoring on site.

Examples in shipbuilding

Permanent vibrations, strong rolling on rough seas, and corrosive, salty climates – the electronics on ships is exposed to exceptionally harsh operating conditions.
A performance specification that most of our SIMATIC IPCs fulfill exceptionally well.

They have been assigned the following certificates/marine approvals:   

  • GL (Germanische Lloyd)   

  • BV (Bureau Veritias)   

  • LRS (Lloyds Register of Shipping)   

  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)   

  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas)

  • NKK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)

The Flat Panel monitors also have RMRS approval (Russian Maritime Register). Thus the industrial PC can also be used for controlling ballast tank pumps, for example, to keep a ship level during loading and unloading.