Overview SIMATIC IPC – the more industrial PC

Wide range of possibilities thanks to " The More Industrial PC"

Machine and plant builders, system integrators and end customers alike benefit from the wide range of possibilities - and get simply "the more industrial PC" through:

  • Reliable industrial PCs with mainboards developed in house

  • Assembly in Germany to the highest standards of quality to ensure high system availability and greater productivity

  • Compact, innovative design in various construction types with higher performance and greater functionality

  • Uniform front panels with widescreen displays for harmonized design of machines and plants

  • Ready-to-use bundles and software packages

  • Customized Automation for individual products, systems, turnkey and industry-specific solutions

  • Service and support period of between 9 and 11 years for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The success story "Made in Germany"

Back in 1983, Siemens was the first supplier to offer standard PC technology with industrial characteristics. Since then, Siemens have continuously registered new milestones with SIMATIC Industrial PCs, for example:

  • 2006 – The first industrial PC family with Intel Core2 Duo processors

  • 2009 – The first and, until now, only supplier of a software controller with safety functions that has been certified by the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV)

  • 2010 – The first manufacturer of an integrated, high-end industrial PC family with new-generation i7/i5/i3 Intel Core processors

  • 2011 – The first manufacturer of an embedded industrial PC family with new-generation Intel Atom processors (presented with the iF product design award in 2011 and 2012)

  • 2012 – The first supplier of HMI/IPC devices with widescreen fronts (presented with the iF product design award in 2012)

Siemens responds to the constant stream of new challenges presented by rapidly expanding global markets with its consistent development of IPC platforms. The basis for this success is the excellent quality and reliability of products developed and assembled in Germany.

Siemens has more than doubled the number of PCbased systems in the field over the past 9 years to over a million devices. > Siemens delivers its 1,000,000th Industry PC

With 19.5% market share in the industrial sector in 2010 (source: IMS Research 2011), Siemens is the global market leader in industrial PCs and therefore the leading systems supplier of PC-based automation.

The success story goes on! You find latest information and news on our news page
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More performance

SIMATIC IPC: The high-end industrial PCs with Intel core processors i7/i5/i3

SIMATIC IPCs offers high performance and extremly fast system response with

  • Intel Core processors (i7, i5, i3)

  • Powerful onboard HD graphics integrated into the CPU

  • DDR3 storage technology

The high-end industrial PCs with latest Intel core processors i7/i5/i3, powerful HD onboard graphics and DDR3 storage technology offer almost twice the computing performance to ensure maximum speed in processing large quantities of data, for example with test bays, industrial image processing and visualization.

> Press release: Industrial PC tuned for high performance
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More ruggedness and system availability

SIMATIC IPC - More ruggedness and system availability

SIMATIC IPCs always come with a high degree of ruggedness and industrial compatibility, for example,
due to

  • rugged enclosure designs,

  • in-house developed mainboards,

  • and high-quality components, e.g. industry-standard displays.

Additional add-on components for enhanced system availability prevent potential failures, and minimize downtimes and the consequential costs in your production.

> More about ruggedness and system availability

More product diversity and selection options

SIMATIC IPC - More product diversity and selection options

The integrated industrial SIMATIC IPC platforms offer an extremely wide variety of products due to

  • flexible and powerful rack PCs in 19" design,

  • compact, rugged box PCs for universal application,

  • rugged, high-performance all in one panel PCs with brilliant displays,

  • monitors and Thin Clients for distributed operation and monitoring,

  • HMI devices with all-round protection, units with stainless steel fronts and intrinsically safe devices for hazardous areas,

  • hardware and software options, as well as ready-to-use bundles and software packages for PC-based control and HMI

  • and products and systems from our Customization Center accurately tailored to your requirements. > More about Customized Automation

You can configure your SIMATIC IPC individually online, thus minimizing the purchasing time. > More about product diversity and selection options

More application options

SIMATIC IPC - More application options

SIMATIC IPCs are ideally suited for use in many different applications, e.g. for

  • open-loop and closed-loop control in mechanical engineering and on ships,

  • visualization in the foodstuff industry,

  • measuring and testing in the automotive industry,

  • data processing and communication in the semiconductor and electronics industry,

  • gateways and as network transition in stock-keeping and logistics applications.

> More about application options

More networking options

SIMATIC IPC - More networking options

With PROFINET onboard, you can integrate SIMATIC IPC seven more easily in networks to support integrated realtime-capable communication from the corporate management level right down to the field level. Real-time, IT communication, as well as TCP/IP are thus possible on a single line. This saves installation and integration costs.

> More about networking options

More quality, safety and environmental protection (RoHS, WEEE)

SIMATIC IPC - More quality, safety and environmental protection

Our SIMATIC IPCs set standards in terms of quality:

  • They are developed and manufactured in-house and provide reliable compliance with all technical specifications, as proven in comprehensive tests.

  • Our totally integrated quality assurance process guarantees the best logistics performances, and high quality during field use.

  • Environmental protection is ensured by our own guidelines for environmentally-sound product design throughout the complete product lifecycle.

> More about quality, safety and environmental protection (RoHS, WEEE)

More continuity and long-term availability

SIMATIC IPC - More continuity and long-term availability

SIMATIC IPCs minimize your application's adjustment expenditures and facilitate long-term planning of concepts. SIMATIC IPCs thus offer

  • availability of 4 to 6 years (at least 1.5 years for IPC547D),

  • 5-year repair and spare parts service (IPC547E: 3 years) after expiry of the active marketing period.

This results in a total service and support period of 9 – 11 years following market launch.
Upon request, you can also be provided with systems permanently tailored to a specific application, so-called dasign freze systems - complete and ready for operation.

> More about continuity and long-term availability

More service and support

SIMATIC IPC - More service and support

We provide efficient and fast support for SIMATIC IPCs:

  • Global online support – e.g. FAQs and manuals,

  • Online service tool PED – device equipment information,

  • SIMATIC hotline – all day, every day

  • 35 Repair centers in 30 countries and subsidiaries in 190 countries

  • PC-based Competence Centers – project support.

> More about service and support