SIMATIC IPC Support Package for VxWorks

Simple integration of real-time applications in your automation solution

With the SIMATIC IPC Support Package for Wind River® VxWorks®, you can realize automation tasks with strict real-time requirements quickly and easily on powerful SIMATIC IPC hardware. All interfaces as well as communication and diagnostics functions of the SIMATIC industrial PC are supported. This guarantees optimum integration in your automation solution – without time-consuming driver development.


Real-time applications in the industrial environment

  • Realization of industrial applications with high real-time requirements

  • Achievement of short response times of 10 µs on rugged SIMATIC IPC hardware

  • Use of VxWorks as rugged, tried-and-tested real-time operating system for industrial use

Integration in SIMATIC automation

  • PROFINET onboard for high-performance, cyclic and isochronous transfer of user data via industrial Ethernet

  • PROFIBUS onboard as tried-and-tested, widely used fieldbus enables integration into a large number of fieldbus networks

  • Use of detailed monitoring functions of SIMATIC IPCs (battery monitoring, temperature monitoring, fan monitoring, operating hours counter, support of retentive memory, watchdog, S.M.A.R.T.) to avoid system downtimes

Free programming and know-how protection

  • Efficient programming in C/C++ for automation solution

  • Open programming interface

  • Protection of technology know-how (application is only available as executable code in the target system)

Product scope

The SIMATIC Support Package for VxWorks consists of drivers, header files, libraries, documentation and application examples to realize the functions listed above. The support package does not include the VxWorks real-time operating system or the corresponding development or runtime licenses.