The Nanobox PC with optimized performance in a compact design - maintenance-free and robust

The Nanobox PC SIMATIC IPC227E is an extremely compact and flexible embedded industry PC. With its sealed metal enclosure, the IPC227E provides the highest industry functionality for flexible deployment in harsh conditions – and all this maintenance-free.

Modern interfaces and the possibility for expansion via a PCIe slot allows this Box PC to be easily integrated into the automation system. The power-saving Intel dual and quad core processors provide the best performance in an ultra-compact design.

SIMATIC IPC227E at a glance

Small footprint and mounting flexibility

Rugged design for maintenance-free, continuous operation

Optimized performance and the latest interfaces

High investment security for reducing engineering costs

Small footprint and mounting flexibility

  • Maximum compactness with approx. 1 liter enclosure volume or more with integrated industrial power supply for minimum space requirements in the control cabinet

  • High flexibility with three mounting options, flexible mounting positions and interfaces on one side suitable for every installation situation

Rugged design for maintenance-free, continuous operation

  • Maximum industrial functionality due to sealed enclosure for optimum dust protection and high electromagnetic compatibility

  • Backup of important system data with non-volatile retentive memory (NVRAM, optional)

  • Designed for 24/7 continuous operation at up to 60°C ambient temperature and high vibration/shock requirements

  • Maintenance-free operation – no fan, no moving parts

  • Battery-free operation possible (with time-of-day synchronization over network)

Optimized performance and the latest interfaces

  • High-performance and energy-efficient dual-core and quad-core Intel Celeron processors

  • A variety of interfaces and configuration options (USB 3.0, 2 x Gbit Ethernet, RS232/RS485/RS422, SSD/CFast/HDD)

  • Optimized for headless operation with LED for efficient self-diagnostics

  • Easy expansion with optional PCIe slot

High investment security for reducing engineering costs

  • Long-term availability: Service & support period up to 11 years

  • Ideal platform for SIMATIC software controller and/or WinCC RT Advanced

  • Easy integration into automation solutions using the TIA Portal and onboard PROFINET interfaces

Versatile deployment

The Nanobox PC can be versatility deployed, for example for:

  • Control, visualization and communication tasks, for example, in mechanical engineering, transportation systems or power transmission

  • Acquisition of data, further processing, and visualization as data gateway or for data monitoring

  • Machine-level applications that require additional C/C++ programs

  • Additional applications, for example, shipbuilding, building automation, warehousing & logistics

The SIMATIC IPC227E can be operated both in the industrial sector as well as in residential, business and commercial environments.