SIMATIC Industrial PCs

Proven in the industry

The world of industrial computers has been shaped by Siemens as a trend-setter. With rugged innovative products with long-term availability. With the high level of technological experience mirrored in every industrial PC. The SIMATIC IPC integrated product series offers you maximum performance with cutting-edge Intel processor technology, pre-installed and activated Windows operating system and integrated communication interfaces.

The advantages at a glance

Long-term availability

Product variety


SIMATIC IPCs minimize your application's adjustment expenditures and facilitate long-term planning of concepts. SIMATIC IPCs thus offer

- an availability of 4 – 6 years
- 5 years repair and spare parts service

This results in a total service and support period of 9 – 11 years following market launch.

SIMATIC IPCs offer an extremely wide variety of products due to

- Flexible and high-performance rack PCs in 19" format
- Compact, rugged Box PCs for universal use
- Rugged, high-performance all-in-one Panel PCs with brilliant displays
- Monitors and Thin Clients for distributed operator control and monitoring
- Device version for special requirements, such as HMI devices with IP65 all-round protection, devices with stainless steel front and intrinsic safety for hazardous areas
- Hardware and software options as well as ready-to-use bundles and software packages for PC-based controlling, operator control and monitoring
- Customized products and systems from our Customization Center

SIMATIC IPCs set standards in terms of quality:

They are developed and manufactured in-house and provide reliable compliance with all technical specifications, as proven in comprehensive tests.

Our totally integrated quality assurance process ensures the best logistics performances, and high quality during field use.

Ruggedness and system availability


Service and support

SIMATIC IPCs always come with a high degree of ruggedness and industrial compatibility, for example, due to

- Rugged enclosure designs
- In-house developed mainboards
- High-quality components, e.g. displays designed for industrial use

ECC RAM, Solid-State Drive, RAID5 configuration and a redundant power supply all ensure high system availability. Additional add-on components for enhanced system availability prevent potential failures, and minimize downtimes and the consequential costs in your production.

SIMATIC IPCs offer high performance and extremely fast system response due to

- Latest technology with powerful Intel processors
- Powerful onboard graphics or/with additional graphic controller for maximum graphic performance
- State-of-the-art interfaces for fast data transfer
- High-end industrial PCs for fast processing of large amounts of data, such as those occurring in test rigs, industrial image processing and visualization

We provide efficient and fast support for SIMATIC IPCs:

- Worldwide online support – e.g. FAQs and manuals
- Online service tool PED – Information on device configuration
- SIMATIC Hotline – 24 hours/365 days
- 35 repair centers in 30 countries and subsidiaries in 190 countries
- PC-based Competence Center – Support for projects