Easy way to an individual system

Extension units and operator controls

The combination of basic device, extension unit and mounting adapter impresses due to its:

Configuration example
  • Cost-effectiveness in engineering, installation and operation

  • Customized system solutions with standard components

  • Simple adjustment to individual customer requirements

  • Easy mounting and commissioning

  • Modern and attractive design

  • Security and reliability over many years

Simple adjustment to individual customer requirements

If you have special requirements for operation via emergency stop, selector switch, pushbutton, key switch, signal lamps or radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, you can combine your SIMATIC HMI PRO device with extension units perfectly coordinated to the basic devices.

  • The extension units can be freely configured and upgraded, are easy to customize, and provide maximum flexibility.

  • The operator controls can be arranged as required.

  • The extension units are available in four different sizes for the 12", 15", 19" and 22" PRO devices.

  • Three connection options are available per size: direct wiring, PROFINET and PROFISAFE

Example of simple operator control installation