New Generation of Siemens MES/MOM at Hannover Messe 2016

April 26-27 2016 - SIMATIC IT Showroom

Siemens at Hannover Messe 2016

Under the motto Ingenuity for Life - Drive the Digital Enterprise at Hannover Messe 2016, Siemens presented tangible solutions and use cases in its 3,500-m2 booth that demonstrate how companies can benefit from convergence of the real and virtual worlds.

At the Digital Enterprise courtyard, the Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite provided a holistic solution to integrate, optimize and digitalize the complete value chain including suppliers in order to significantly reduce time to market, enhance flexibility and increase efficiency.
Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite provides the infrastructure, functionality and integrated business processes to prepare a manufacturer for an internet-driven future.
The APS, MES, QMS, HMI & EMI capabilitiesof our integrated MOM portoflio bridge PLM and Automation, turning manufacturing facilities into an integrated network.

Siemens MOM - Your Key to your Digital Enterprise - Video

Dr. Peter Weckesser - Chief Operation Officer DF PLM Siemens AG - introducing the Siemens PLM integrated MOM portfolio at Hannover Messe 2016.

SIMATIC IT Showroom: Your Key to the Digital Enterprise

April 26-27, 2016 @ Radisson Blu Hotel

Beside the impressive show of the Digital Enterprise Software Suite in the Hall 9, on April, 26th and 27th @ Radisson Blu Hotel - within the SIMATIC IT Showroom - you had the possibility to get a complete insight into the evolution of SIMATIC IT and experience our innovation-oriented, Industrie 4.0 approach to production digitalization.

The event

Two full days of live presentations and demonstrations about our Vertical Solutions for Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Machinery and Process, have taken place.
Both Customers and Partners were able to speak with our experts and discover how SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture is the key to realizing the Digital Enterprise.

Highlights of the Event
- Design to Manufacturing/Change Management
- Optimized asset utilization in JobShop
- New Product Introduction in Repetitive Manufacturing
- Paperless Manufacturing and Productivity Increase
- Industry 4.0 Ready Evolution for Manufacturing
- Driving Innovation Efficiency - From Idea to Shelf

Numbers & Figures
- More than 140 hours of demos/presentations over 2 days
- About 250+ visitors
- 7 demo stations ranging from Automotive to Complex  manufacturing, from CPG to quality and to our  innovative SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation and Discrete Lean

What they say about us

ARC’s Valentijn de Leeuw blog - posted on April 29, 2016

“At the Hannover fair 2016, Siemens showed a real-world example, with the example of its own factory controller, of fully bidirectional integration, among product and process design, manufacturing resource planning, manufacturing operations management and execution.” 
“The SIMATIC IT version demonstrated which allows this new automated flow is the fully new-designed application, is referred to as the SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture version. Highlights are the use of light clients for the operators, and a completely distributed architecture, where different apps for different functions can be designed and operated separately. The apps can cooperate while being executed on different nodes using a messaging bus technology. This allows the modularization of MOM, a possibility that the industry needed!

ARC’s Valentijn de Leeuw blogposted on  April 29, 2016 
“Upon commercial release of the software, clients will be able to shorten machine (or other mechatronic product) engineering and development, share designs with customers for engineering reviews, and pre-commission machines virtually.  Times to operational readiness would be shortened and engineering effort decreased.
Any changes made to the controls during operation can be read back into the design tools, enabling an up-to-date as-maintained digital twin at reduced cost.
In my view, the solution will create additional value for clients from digitalization, and such integrated mechatronic engineering for processes should be very positively received by the market.”

Thank you!

We would like to thank you for participating to our SIMATIC Showroom event @ Radisson Blu Hotel during the Hannover Messe.
It was really interesting for us to have the opportunity to show you our MES / MOM product line and the application of it in different industries

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SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture showed at Hannover Messe 2016

SIMATIC IT UA Foundation

Industrie 4.0 ready platform approach for MES/MOM
SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation is the platform to realize an integrated MES/MOM ecosystem, targeting the current and future transformational technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing: mobile internet, automation of knowledge work, Internet of Things and the Cloud.
The core of SIT UA Foundation is a unified manufacturing operations bus that provides a common backbone to integrate legacy applications while providing the first fundamental step towards a unified system.

SIMATIC IT UA Discrete Lean

Easy to deploy OOTB MES package for Job Shops
SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Lean is Siemens’ latest innovation for managing and organizing production in small and medium factories.
Siemens took the best out of powerful and broad-scoped manufacturing IT systems with its undisputed expertise and turned them into a flexible and easy configurable package dedicated to small and medium businesses. The result is an out-of-the-box MES that covers an extensive number of use cases while running on a minimal infrastructure, that doesn’t require expensive consulting services.

Closed- Loop-Manufacturing

Enabler for Collaboration between Engineering and Manufacturing
SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture enables collaboration between Engineering and Manufacturing through the Closed Loop Manufacturing: A tight relationship between PLM and MES/MOM manages engineering changes more efficiently; any changes defined at design, planning and engineering level can be quickly and consistently taken into account at the shop-floor level and fed back to the PLM ecosystem to close the loop.