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Use Case Consulting

In the continuously growing complexity of the manufacturing environment, MES is no longer only providing systemization of best practice but has to guarantee seamless collaboration with the Supply Chain. Last but not least it needs to guarantee positive ROI (Return on Investment) and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Solutions that are easy to install and roll-out allow optimizing investments and guarantee a short-term payback period.  A high-level in-depth plant analysis is essential in order to provide the necessary details for the MES solution.

This means to analyze the matches existing between the functions provided by SIMATIC IT Libraries and the individual plant needs. This analysis is vital to establish a “blueprinting” of the final solution and to achieve an effective solution for the customer.

In this way all critical paths can be analyzed upfront and the customer investment is fully protected.

Industry Specialists can get acquainted with customers thus ensuring that SIMATIC IT provides the key-functionality for improving the customer’s business.

Justification Support

Nowadays MES is one of the best drivers to obtain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing landscape improving profitability, reducing waste, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Although MES is a key investment that has an important role to play in a number of strategic initiatives, as any IT investment, it  must be justified by a Business case and ROI calculation.

Siemens can easily highlight the value that MES solutions bring to customers, shifting focus toward the value that IT delivers and away from its cost. Siemens has achieved this with a clear and focused analysis of the financial impact of MES, including ROI, Breakeven Point and Payback period, to support the positioning and the justification of a SIMATIC IT implementation.

Simatic IT Value Framework is the tool developed to support customers to internally justify the MES investment. In the Simatic IT Value Framework, MES functionalities are related to real financial benefits. The analysis of these benefits leads to identify which SIMATIC IT capabilities are required to obtain value for shareholders.

Moreover, leveraging the experience of its Industry Specialist, Siemens can provide deeper analysis about:

  • Return On Investment

  • Total Cost of Ownership

Implementation Consulting

To effectively and economically exploit the functionality of SIMATIC IT solutions, our customers can take advantage of the expert guidance of our SIMATIC IT Implementation Consulting.

SIMATIC IT Implementation Consulting delivers "Turn-Key Solutions" to selected customers, ensuring global delivery capabilities through the "Delivery Teams", located in Europe and US (Germany – Karlsruhe, Lindau and Nuremberg, Italy - Genoa, Turin and Rome, Belgium - Ninove and US - Chicago) to deliver turn key solutions.

SIMATIC IT Implementation Consulting also provides a wide selection of consulting services that address our customers’ solution’s entire life cycle: from planning and building the solution to upgrading and managing the project, SIMATIC IT Implementation Consulting can help our customers improve their operations, lower their cost of ownership, and optimize their investment in SIMATIC IT solutions.

Through these services, SIMATIC IT Implementation Consulting works with our customers in monitoring the project progress or guide them in designing the architecture of their business processes, or provides them valuable input on how to best use SIMATIC IT applications and translate high-level system architecture into project-specific technical requirements, identifying and managing possible implementation risks and maximizing ROI.

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