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Plant Intelligence with SIMATIC IT

Siemens offers SIMATIC Plant Intelligence to link the SCADA with the MES level and create an integrated and scalable solution from the machine to the corporate level.

It makes crucial plant information available in real time to facilitate decision processes, avoid waste and downtimes, improve asset utilization, and increase productivity and business efficiency.

Plant Intelligence links the SCADA entry-level process visualization system SIMATIC WinCC with the MES level SIMATIC IT. This provides a greater transparency in the production through an efficient acquisition, archiving, aggregation, analysis and distribution of production data.

It is possible to start from a bottom-up approach, with SIMATIC WinCC Plant Intelligence, focusing on typical process and shop floor oriented issues, where the main target is the equipment or the line.

On the other hand there is a more comprehensive approach, with SIMATIC IT Plant Intelligence. This approach focuses on the entire plant but also offers a dedicated interaction with ERP systems. With SIMATIC IT Plant Intelligence users can monitor their performance indicators and automatically associate preventive and corrective actions.

SIMATIC IT Plant Intelligence is part of the SIMATIC IT MES portfolio and lets users seamlessly integrate their Plant Intelligence solution into an overall MES application, thus protecting their IT investments.