MES Manufacturing Execution System for Electronics and NPI

MOM Enablement – **New product introduction (NPI) and Manufacturing Execution (MES) in Electronic Industry - Video

Mar 8, 2017

This video will show you a real-world scenario of a New Product Introduction and Manufacturing Execution use case in the electronic industry.
It shows, how the system supports the company-related electronic Printed Circuit Board and electronics box production Share with customers the scope and the value of our NPI and MES


Siemens provides the most widely used solutions to address the critical needs of electronics manufacturers. Today, these manufacturers must bring cost-effective products to market faster than ever before, while meeting a variety of challenges.
The products in the SIMATIC IT UniCam family (SIMATIC IT UniCam FX, SIMATIC IT UniCam Test Expert and SIMATIC IT eMES) help to address these issues.

SIMATIC IT Unicam FX, SIMATIC IT Test Expert and SIMATIC IT eMES are comprehensive solutions for Electronics OEM and contract manufacturers for New Product Introduction NPI and Manufacturing Execution.

  • Use SIMATIC IT UniCam FX to program the broad spectrum of electronics assembly equipment: SMT, AOI, Dispense, Screen Printers, THT and Manual Assembly.

  • For low mix, high volume manufacturers, UniCam FX is the perfect solution to create accurate multi-job setups.  Improve productivity on your SMT lines by reducing changeover time by as much as 75%

  • For high volume manufacturing, UniCam FX advanced machine optimization dramatically increases line throughput and reduces bottlenecks

  • Create and deliver paperless documentation directly to the shop floor using UniCam FX, UniDoc FX and ViewStation FX

  • Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design and flying probe selection and eases flying probe access on dense boards with a global probe offset tool

  • Test Expert provides immediate feedback to designers and reduces testing costs by verifying Design for Testability (DFT) rules upfront before fabrication

  • Test Expert reduces cycle times on variants of the same board by managing attributes such as device types, values and tolerances as well as package and pad sizes/shapes

  • Test Expert automatically generates programs and inputs for a wide range of commonly used ICT, flying probe testers, x-ray and AOI machines

  • eMES is an integrated solution which cover all aspects of manufacturing execution of PCB and Boxes including:
    - Product & Process Traceability
    - Quality Management
    - Test and Repair Process
    - Production Client for PCB and Box
    - Component Traceability
    - Box Build and Genealogy
    - Online Reporting

SIMATIC IT UniCam FX - What's new in SIMATIC IT UniCam FX 11.1

UniCam FX supports optimization, programming and documentation of PCB assembly processes

SIMATIC IT UniCam FX is the most commonly used NPI software tool in the industry for design and optimization of PCB assembly processes. By covering the entire NPI process, from CAD import through recipe generation, and by supporting single platform and mixed-vendor lines, this proven solution helps continuously improve your NPI process and maximize the uptime and throughput of your lines.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

- Import native CAD data with the greatest range of CAD input formats supported in the industry today (65+ formats), or reverse engineer the design from Gerber data.

- Flexible, easy to use BOM  and Centroid importers

- Analyze designs and initiate changes quickly

- Generate and optimize machine recipes for a wide range of assembly machine models including SMT, THT, AOI, X-RAY, Glue, Dispense, Screen Printers and more

- Reduce feeder changeover time with common multi-job feeder setups

- Automatically generate full sets of documentation, including hand insert instructions, with user-defined templates

- Reduce feeder changeover time with common multi-job feeder setups

- Support first article inspection processes

- "Go-Green" using paperless view station technology

- Seamless connection to MES

SIMATIC IT UniCam FX 11.1 - What's new


See What’s New in UniCam FX 11.1

SIMATIC IT UniCam Test Expert - What's new in SIMATIC IT UniCam Test Expert 11

SIMATIC IT Unicam Test Expert (formerly Fabmaster) is the most widely used DFT and test programming software application in the industry today.  Test Expert is a fully integrated solution that allows electronics manufacturers to go from design to test and inspection in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days. With its fast, user-programmable, nail/probe selection routine and complementary interactive tools, Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design for ICT and advanced flying probe selection.

  • Import native CAD data with the greatest range of CAD input formats supported in the industry today (65+ formats), or reverse engineer the design from Gerber data

  • Perform fast upfront DFT on any CAD design before handing off to manufacturing

  • Create flexible fixture design setups that can be saved and re-used

  • Quickly compare cost versus test coverage for different test technologies

  • Generate recipes for test systems including ICT, flying probe, X-Ray and AOI

  • Manage variants and generate a universal fixture design that can be used to test all product variants within a family

  • Define rules for automatic nail/probe selection for in-circuit and flying probe testers

  • View problem nets and decide on corrective actions using accessibility report with CAD graphics

  • Seamless connection to MES

What's new in SIMATIC IT UniCam Test Expert 11

See What’s New in Test Expert 11.


Test Expert supports probe selection, fixture design, and programming for PCB test and inspection processes

SIMATIC IT UniCam eMES - What's New in SIMATIC IT Unicam eMES 11.1

The newest version of SIMATIC IT Unicam eMES for electronics manufacturing is a comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES) that enables printed circuit board (PCB) and box assemblers to meet all traceability requirements, control products and integrate their shop floor into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and extended enterprise. With SIMATIC IT Unicam eMES 11.1, you can address your manufacturing needs on a scalable and modular platform for electronics production.
Improvements in SIMATIC IT Unicam eMES 11.1 include:

  • Shop floor documentation cockpit improvements

  • Box component repair – The ability to perform repair operations against unmerged serialized components of a box

  • Approved vendor list (AVL) graphical user interface (GUI) integration – Verify, add and modify AVL from administration station

  • View/edit/create feeder setup files for eMES PCB products in administration station

  • Perform and view machine setup in eMES clients for material traceability

  • Improvements to schematics – Store in database and easily re-use (without reimport) for multiple PCB products

  • Test Expert Repair Station update

  • Enhancements to reports

What's New in SIMATIC IT Unicam eMES 11.1



See What’s New in UniCam eMES 11.1

Training and Consulting

The SIMATIC IT Unicam team strives to offer the best in software and services to help our customers meet the demands of today’s changing marketplace. To meet these demands, we offer a worldwide network of services and support for our UniCam FX, Test Expert, and MES customers.

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