SIMATIC IT Line Monitoring System

Improve performance, increasing flexibility and responsiveness


Plant information visible and available instantly
SIMATIC IT, the MES Manufacturing Execution System offered by Siemens, includes a Line Monitoring System module. With this ‘step-in’ module it is possible to monitor plant floor performance, blending real-time and transactional systems, for a line visibility & control.

This line-monitoring capability allows manufacturers to increase production efficiency, as well as optimize performance, use reporting to their best advantage, and reduce line inefficiencies, while incrementing product yields.
Line Monitoring System within SIMATIC IT allows for automatic and real-time collection of production relevant data directly from the factory floor.

SIMATIC IT Line Monitoring System (LMS) is easy to implement, flexible and scalable yet configurable.


This standard software product can be applied starting at the machine level, or grow into a multiple line intelligence system for overall equipment effectiveness, reporting, at the same time linking the production process to the business management.

Manufacturers can grow their installation easily in size, installing different systems to manage different production lines, giving the possibility to extend the functional capabilities to a full Manufacturing Execution System (MES) managing all production workflows through the SIMATIC IT Production Suite.

Moreover, using a native OPC Client/ Server standard connection, manufacturers can easily recollect information from the SIMATIC automation products in the spirit of Siemens ‘Totally Integrated Automation’, but also manage the integration with any kind of device or PLC, depending on the automation installation in place.

Key Takeaways

  • Higher responsiveness

  • Production Efficiency

  • Operational cost control

  • Real time view for better decision support

  • Plant reliability

  • Low project risk and faster/ easier ROI calculation


By using process information and reports provided by SIMATIC IT LMS 2.0, thanks to the possibility of acquiring real-time data, manufacturers can understand plant capabilities and performance, as well as improve production yields, increase flexibility and responsiveness – and, when necessary, even change product runs or lines upon demand.