Driving Innovation Efficiency

In a world with:


- Short innovation cycles

- Volatile, insecure markets

- Changing regulations

- Globalization & consolidation

- Complex & customized products

- Large data volumes

- Digitalization & new technologies

Are crucial to a company’s competitiveness

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a well-considered answer to the real-life requirements expressed by existing SIMATIC IT customers. Major players in the process industry voiced their interest and need for a platform that would manage their entire R&D process in a structured, yet flexible manner to enable fast and successful new product development and time-to-market.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite achieves this by optimizing the development of innovative, high-quality products, managing the processes and the information flows, aligning R&D processes with other steps in the product life cycle.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite shares a common system platform with production processes. This does not only facilitate the transfer of new product designs to production; the integration of R&D and production processes will allow for production process improvements to optimize product and production costs and quality.

SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a modular, scalable software platform covering all R&D activities. This includes software for:


Specification Management


Formula Management

Supplier Management

Labeling & Allergen Management