SIMATIC IT Production Suite

Product Details

SIMATIC IT Production Suite combines a business process modeler with a collection of highly-integrated components to manage and synchronize production, coordinate systems, align manufacturing processes with supply chain activities, and close the gap between ERP and Control Systems. 

SIMATIC IT Production Modeler defines and visualizes the plant model with rules to trigger production operations.

The SIMATIC IT components offer MES functionality according to the ISA-95 international MES standard.

SIMATIC IT Production Modeler

SIMATIC IT Production Modeler is a tool for object oriented graphical definition of the plant model and the execution model.

Production Operation in Production Modeler
Production operation in Production Modeler

The plant model describes the physical and logical elements in manufacturing. Physical elements such as a reactor, a mixer, a packaging line, an assembly line, a continuous casting machine, are described through their interfaces (PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA, etc.). Logical elements are the software components involved in the manufacturing cycle to manage production and information for tracking and tracing (LIMS, material manager, a mathematical model, a graphical interface, order manager, etc.).

Plant Model in Production Modeler
Plant Model in Production Modeler

The execution model describes the production workflows and rules to synchronize and coordinate the functionality of the model elements (physical and logical) to execute production operations.

Production Operation Execution Model
Production Modeler triggers the functionality offered by the components

SIMATIC IT Production Suite Components

SIMATIC IT is based on ISA-95, the internationally accepted standard for MES systems. All its components cover the functionality as described in the production pillar as well as the quality pillar of the ISA-95 standard.

SIMATIC IT Production Suite Architecture
SIMATIC IT Production Suite Architecture

  • SIMATIC IT Interspec is a configurable product specification management system for process industries to develop, configure and manage all product specifications and to store them in a single, controlled data repository.

  • SIMATIC IT Product Definition Manager defines the product specific arguments for a production operation and the process segments (sequences of operations with resources and parameters) necessary to produce a product. It enforces centralized use of product specifications by all components involved in production.

  • SIMATIC IT Production Order Manager interfaces with the ERP System to import order planning, manages production order dispatching and execution, and tracks order status and order related production information.

  • SIMATIC IT Unilab is a multi-lab, multi-language enterprise LIMS for QC, service and R&D labs. It collects and manages all quality data in a central database and configures quality workflows and analyses in the lab and on the production line.

  • SIMATIC IT Messaging Manager configures, triggers and archives messages that cover interaction between operators and systems, and synchronizes manual activities performed by operators with the automatic tasks executed by MES.

  • SIMATIC IT Material Manager interfaces with the ERP System for material master data import, handles material flows and availability, and includes functionality for backward and forward product genealogy.

  • SIMATIC IT Personnel Manager assigns shifts to people, logs activities during work shifts, and integrates personnel data with production data (who worked on which equipment, material lot, batch or order and when).

  • SIMATIC IT Historian is a collection of software functionality for Plant Information Management and plant performance analysis. It collects, archives, groups, aggregates, validates, contextualizes and manipulates data from a variety of real-time historical and back-end data sources and makes them available for KPI calculations, statistical analysis, quality assurance, benchmarking performance, decision support.

  • SIMATIC IT Client Application Builder lets you build Graphic User Interfaces with role-based visualization of business processes and aggregated data from heterogeneous sources. It enables Zero Administration Clients on any PC with Internet Explorer.

  • SIMATIC IT Data Integration Service allows message exchange with 3rd party applications by means of standard technologies. Connectors are provided for SAP Idoc, SAP tRFC, SAP sRFC, MQSeries, Windows File System, plus a COM connector to build custom connectors.

  • SIMATIC IT Report Manager enables reporting on data from any standard database. It includes predefined, customizable report templates for e.g. equipment reports, batch reports, bills of material, … Reports are distributed through Intranet or Internet.