SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite

Manufactuing Intelligence from shop floor to Enterprise
SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite is complementary to the Production Suite and R&D Suite. Through data extraction, transformation and contextualization with data from the MES SIMATIC IT suites (as well as third-party data), these products turn data produced by these suites into information. In turn, they allow this information to be visualized and analyzed through the use of dashboards, reports and analytic tools.

The Issue

Economic pressure and market dynamics force manufacturers to economize along the supply chain and ensure market responsiveness.

Operational improvements and informed real-time decision making will enable this, but these require manufacturing intelligence.

Manufacturing intelligence means to capture, contextualize and give significance to the torrent of manufacturing data and reconcile them with overall business views.

Heterogeneous IT environments and the significant difference between real-time manufacturing data on the one hand and business systems on the other, make this a time-consuming activity with often insufficient or unreliable results.

The Solution

The Siemens MES SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite is a data engine that translates raw real-time manufacturing data into business performance indicators.

For this, vast amounts of plant data from different systems (tag-based, relational databases, enterprise applications) are collected into a unique data warehouse and stored with a configurable unified data structure.

The SIMATIC IT platform for integration between manufacturing and ERP, supply chain and other systems, places manufacturing data in a broader business context to determine their business relevance. SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite responds to user data requests in real time or event-driven dashboards, with role based data accessibility, navigation, filtering, calculations, aggregation or drill-down.

The Benefits

SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite realizes the real-time enterprise.

  • It provides global visibility on performance metrics in real time so decision-makers can make their business decisions at plant speed. The integration with production execution lets users take immediate action and initiate production workflows through SIMATIC IT.

  • The ability to source from different systems lets companies safeguard their previous investments.

  • SIMATIC IT Intelligence Suite improves profitability by revealing new insights into business and opportunities for efficiency improvements in their operations.