Our videos page delivers all the recent stories on the Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite and the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Offer.

August 2015 - Siemens User Forum: Paperless Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry

August 3, 2015 - The integration of automation and MES plays a key role. Lower cost, improved quality and streamlined processes can be realized by paperless manufacturing.

July 2015 - EMO 2015

PLM-MES-Automation for Production

On the occasion of the EMO 2015, experts will present the topic of PLM-MES-Automation for Production at the Siemens Press Conference. Realizig the Digital Factory vision, Siemens offers the complete world of IT integration.

April 2015 - Hannover Messe

Whatch the videos about the Siemens Digital Enterprise Software suite and the MOM Portfolio!

Driving the Digital Enterprise with Teamcenter
Mr. Alastair Orchard and Mr. Magnus Edholm, from the Siemens PLM Marketing team, presenting the Digital Enterprise Software suite and Teamcenter at Hannover Messe 2015.
Discover the answer from Siemens to Industrie 4.0 requirements - the Digital Enterprise Software Suite based on the data backbone and Siemens Collaboration Platform Teamcenter, our collaborative product data management platform


Manufacturing Operations Management from Siemens
A video-interview at Hannover Messe 2015 - with Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Siemens PLM Software Inc. about Manufacturing Operations Management.
The Siemens Digital Enterprise Software Suite provides the infrastructure, functionality and integrated business processes to prepare a manufacturer for an internet-driven future. The APS, MES, QMS, HMI & EMI capabilities of our integrated MOM portfolio bridge PLM and Automation, turning manufacturing facilities into an integrated network of agile, lean, and transparent Smart Factories.


Digitalization of the automotive production - Siemens Maserati Exhibit
Automotive production - has to cope with a challenging set of market requirements: Shorter time-to-market, more vehicle models and variants and higher productivity. Our comprehensive offerings and systems can help master these challenges.
( SIMATIC IT at min. 1:50)


January '15

SIMATIC IT Unilab - Your Next Generation LIMS

With the LIMS Simatic IT Unilab 7.0, Siemens is launching an extensively revised version of the existing Siemens LIMS for lab automation .
The new design allows this proven and very extensive software to also be used from mobile devices.

December 2013

Siemens Inventors of the Year 2013 - MES Invention awarded!

The "Siemens Inventors of the Year 2013 awards ceremony" took place in Munich - Dec. 04, 2013.
This is the top award for technology within Siemens.
Among the twelve inventors awarded, we are proud to aknowledge Mrs. Elena Reggio, from the AS SW MES Team in Genoa - Italy awarded for a new Method for selecting equipment resources in a production process, to simplify the use of MES.

The invention extends a MES system data model, introducing the Execution Equipment concept together with the ISA-95 Equipment Requirement one.

Inventors of the Year 2013

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    Watch the Video (MES inventor at min. 5)

    September 2013

    Partners First! - Video
    Simatic IT has been recognized by our global Partners as a powerful and unique MES product for end-users with complex and fast changing manufacturing environments.
    To continue on the road of growth, state-of-the-art technology, innovation and best practice in diverse industries, Siemens is turning towards a new paradigm regarding its major MES sales and services channels.
    For us, as a product provider, it is important to extend our portfolio to a level where it can be easily taken by the Simatic IT Partner to generate more leads and high value integration services. This is why our Partner Community is the key growth engine for Simatic IT, and why we believe in “Partners First!”

    June 2013

    Siemens acquires Preactor - Video
    Siemens extends industry software portfolio in the area of production planning.

    April 2013

    Siemens at Hannover Messe 2013

    SIMATIC IT Manufacturing execution and intelligence - VIDEO

    SIMATIC IT is a highly scalable manufacturing execution system from Siemens.
    With its 3 suites it offers flexibility through its technological nature while its architecture allows it to adapt to the specific requirements of different industrial processes.