The SIMATIC IT Packaging module is a single business task that enables operators and managers to view the status of the packaging process and control the consumption, use and return of packaging and manufactured materials throughout the packaging process.

  • KANBAN material request (based on inventory level)

  • Check-in and declaration of materials

  • Tracking of consumed, declared, destroyed, lost and returned materials

  • Reconciliation of quantities packed

  • Tracking of operators working times

  • Monitoring of line

The packaging area in a Life Sciences manufacturing facility is an important area where materials and lots can accidentally be mixed or substituted. At this stage of the manufacturing process, inventory control and reconciliation of both raw material and packaging material quantities are essential in order to guarantee the quality of the batch and the ability to release it securely and safely.

The integration of the packaging lines into an MES system provides the ability to manage, control and track all primary and secondary packaging operations, including the use, reuse and transfer of materials, the efficiency and performance of the different machines and personnel, and to generally improve the visibility of the operations.

This increased visibility allows the manufacturer to maintain a continuous supply of items during the packaging process, reduce line set-up time and to monitor and report on the specific activities. These reports can be viewed in real time and used as part of OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) initiatives.