SINUMERIK Integrate for Engineering

The product suite for optimally adapting SINUMERIK to the machine tool

Manufacturers of machine tools wish to expand intelligent machines to include additional technological functions, and to optimally adapt machine operation to the particular technology. With the new SINUMERIK Integrate for Engineering product suite, Siemens has the optimum answer to address these challenges.

The solution

SINUMERIK Integrate for Engineering provides the functionality in order to optimally adapt the SINUMERIK CNC and the SINUMERIK Operate user interface to the technology of the particular machine. The functional scope of SINUMERIK NCU can be expanded using compile cycles. A series of standard compile cycles are available for this purpose. SINUMERIK operation can be adapted in three different ways:

  1. By configuring prepared screen forms

  2. By configuring using standard tools, e.g. WinCC

  3. By programming, based on C++, .Net or Qt

The benefits

  • Openness of the SINUMERIK NCU
    Compile cycles can be reliably and safely integrated into the SINUMERIK NCU, achieving optimal performance. As a consequence, e.g. special kinematics are supported or special compensations can be implemented.

  • Openness of operation
    The openness permits all of the relevant data of the SINUMERIK NCU, the PLC and the drives to be accessed. The adaptation to the user interface, or its creation can be scaled.

  • Full flexibility
    SINUMERIK Integrate for Engineering offers full flexibility with reference to the required scope, the required know-how and therefore with reference to the time and costs to create customer user interfaces.

  • Know-how protection
    The know-how of the configuring engineer is protected when engineering, configuring and programming.