The controller-identical NC programming workstation


The controller-identical NC programming workstation SinuTrain brings SINUMERIK Operate, including an animated machine control panel, nearly realistically onto the PC. This ensures convenient production planning in the usual working environment. NC programs can be directly created and verified thanks to the original SINUMERIK CNC kernel, before they are transferred to the real machine. Users benefit from the increased machine availability and safety. Further, SinuTrain can be ideally used to train the operation and programming of SINUMERIK and to present and test new SINUMERIK functions.

Typical fields of application

In production planning

  • Increased machine availability

  • 1:1 programming and operation

  • Increase in productivityIn training

In training

  • Easy learning and professional training

  • Same perfectly tailored training packages

  • features as the controller, and even more…

In sales

  • SINUMERIK is present always and everywhere

  • A free basic-version is provided for every user

  • Experience SINUMERIK live

Features – Overview about the technology

  • Identical scope of NC programming languages of the SINUMERIK: Standard ISO / DIN & SINUMERIK CNC code, ShopMill / ShopTurn, programSYNC with multi-channel

  • Fully adequate graphic CNC simulation and simultaneous recording

  • Tutorials and Programming Guide

  • Software machine control panel – user-friendly operation via mouse and keyboard

  • Integrated DXF Reader for the import of DXF files

  • Print function for DIN/ISO and ShopMill/ShopTurn work step programming

  • Program transfer via network and USB

  • Preconfigured sample machines

  • Option: Individual adjustment to the real machine