CNC SINUMERIK – Industrial Security

The innovative, secure CNC system platform

Security requirements

The protection of intellectual property, secure network access and high system availability are essential to meet the requirements arising in our age of global networking. The Ethernet connections of machine tools extend more and more often into the field level. This provides numerous benefits for automation, but also entails risks for the operating process, the product quality and the company’s profit. SINUMERIK provides a defense-in-depth security concept which reliably protects the system against potential hazards and comprehensively protects the production systems.

Overview about the technology

SINUMERIK controllers provide several security functions:

  • Integrated firewall with package check

  • Know-how protection for NCK/HMI Open Architecture and PLC program

  • Role-based user authentication

  • Robustness of interfaces

  • Support for antivirus scanner


Depending on their performance class, SINUMERIK controllers provide the corresponding integrated security functions such that you can protect your investments against unauthorized access and modifications:

  • Integrated know-how protection:
    The enhanced know-how protection in Step7 and via NC cycles secures your intellectual property and protects it against unauthorized access and modifications.

  • Password protection:
    Via a 7-stage protection level concept, you can protect your machine against unauthorized access. By entering the configured access data (password), you are granted access to various services, such as web server.

  • SIMATIC logon user management and access control for your Step7 Engineering:
    Reliably protects the system by using central mechanisms for user administration and through an access protection for projects.

  • Deactivation of services / hardware interfaces:
    Only the necessary interfaces / network services are activated. This configuration can be extended for the application solution.