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The new generation of servomotors 1FK7
With the new 1FK7 motors Siemens has a new generation of permanent magnet excited synchronous motors. They are available in the versions Compact, High Dynamic and High Inertia. The self-cooled motors are characterized by superior overload capability, ruggedness and compactness.

New encoder system for servo and torque motors
With its new encoder system for SIMOTICS servo and torque motors, Siemens is offering an even higher degree of customer friendliness and is significantly reducing downtimes if an encoder does fail.

Main Motors 1PH8 - The new generation for main drives
SIMOTICS M-1PH8 main motors have been especially designed for use as main drives in production machines and machine tools. These motors are available as asynchronous and synchronous versions. Based on a flexible modular kit system, the suitable SIMOTICS main motor can be found for nearly all drive tasks.

Torque motors SIMOTICS T-1FW3, the powerful direct drives for rotary axes
Torque motors SIMOTICS T-1FW3, the powerful direct drives for rotary axes, increase the stiffness of machines and provide a higher productivity and product quality. With torque motors you can achieve maximum precision and dynamic performance for all rotary axes.

Innovative mounting set for SIMOTICS torque motors
With our SIMOTICS 1FW3 torque motor and the innovative mounting set, Siemens provides you with a coupling option where you can eliminate undesirable play and disturbing gearbox frequencies. The drive train stiffness is increased, which results in higher productivity and product quality.

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