Built-in torque motors 1FW6

The built-in torque motor for applications with very high torques and high precision

Torque Motors 1FW6

Built-in torque motors are liquid-cooled resp. self-cooled high-pole permanent excited three-phase synchronous motors with hollow-shaft rotor. The motors are supplied as built-in components. For a complete drive unit, a bearing and an encoder system are required additionally.

1FW6 built-in torque motors for:

  • High dynamic response

  • High repeatability

  • No mechanical transmission elements such as couplings or gearboxes required

1FW6 built-in torque motors - overview of the product range:

* Depending on the version and type
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Water cooling

Naturally cooling

Rated speed*:

38 - 940 rpm

580 - 1200 rpm

Rated torque*:

22,3 - 5760 Nm

10 - 45,5 Nm

Maximum torque*:

34,4 - 10900 Nm

34,4 - 332 Nm

1FW6 built-in torque motors - typical areas of application

  • Rotary indexing machines

  • Rotary tables and dividing units

  • Rotary axes (A, B, C axis in 5-axis machine tools)

  • Turret indexing and cylinder indexing for single-spindle and multi-spindle machines

  • Tool spindles

  • Roller and cylinder drives

  • Infeed and handling axes

  • Tablet presses

  • Medical engineering

  • Measuring machines