SIMOTICS T Heavy Duty Torque Motors

Direct drives for harsh operating conditions -
compact, dynamic and rugged


Industrial machining processes involving the application of large forces call for powerful and rugged drive systems. The SIMOTICS T series of heavy-duty motors from Siemens
are tough direct drives that meet these requirements and have proven their value, especially in metal forming applications. The existing heavy-duty motor family has been supplemented by the SIMOTICS T-1FW4 heavy-duty motor to allow presses to be built in all sizes.
The powerful, permanent-magnet-excited synchronous motors set themselves apart with their high dynamic response and precision. In addition, the motors have a mechanical
design that is especially rugged, enabling them to resist shocks of the order of 10 g without any difficulty.
Thus, heavy-duty torque motors are perfectly suited to track the highly sophisticated dynamic movement profiles of high-level Motion Control controllers even under harsh operating conditions.

Our portfolio can be used in a wide range of motion control applications:







  • Servo presses

  • Shredders

  • Ring rolling mills


*depending on engine type

Rated speed*

up to 1200 rpm (maximum speed up to 1800 rpm)

Rated torque*

up to 15000 Nm (maximum torque up to 29500 Nm)


  • Highly accurate concentricity

  • Easy to integrate
    (mechanical system and SINAMICS S120 drive system)

  • Water cooling/plug-on shaft

  • Up to 200% overload capability