Complete torque motors 1FW3

The complete torque motor for applications with high torques

Complete torque motors 1FW3

Complete torque motors are permanent magnet AC synchronous motors that are used as a replacement for hydraulic and conventional electric drives, consisting of electric motor and gearbox or belts. They are especially suited for use as direct drives in applications with a torque range of 100 Nm to 7000 Nm at speeds of 50 to 1700 rpm.
1FW3 complete torque motors are delivered factory-assembled.

1FW3 complete torque motors - for use as direct drives

  • Can be controlled directly as there is no longer any elasticity in the drive chain

  • No mechanical transmission elements such as couplings or gearboxes required

1FW3 complete torque motors - overview of the product range:

* Depending on the version and type
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Rated speed*:

150 - 750 rpm

Rated power*:

3.1 - 380 kW

Rated torque*:

100 - 7,000 Nm

1FW3 complete torque motors - typical areas of application

  • For use in production machines (e.g. extruders, roller applications, paper processing machines, injection molding machines)

  • High torque and direct connection via flange