SIMOTICS S-1FK7 DYA servomotors with planetary gearbox


Picture SIMOTICS S-1FK7 DYA servomotors with planetary gearbox

The SIMOTICS S-1FK7 DYA compact geared motor combines electrical and mechanical components in the smallest space possible.

The planetary geared motors with IP64 degree of protection are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated over the motor surface.

The geared motors have high maximum torques and permit high radial and axial forces at the shaft extension.

A brief summary of its strengths

  • Space- and weight saving installation due to the high power density of the motor and integration of the planetary gearbox directly into the motor end shield

  • Power transmission from the central sun wheel via planet wheels

  • No shaft deflections in the planet wheel set due to symmetrical force distribution

  • Suitable for S1 continuous duty

  • Mounting in construction types IM B5 and IM B14 is possible.

  • Highly dynamic due to lower motor moment of inertia; this means shorter cycle times.

  • Mechanical compatibility with regard to IM B14 flange and shaft extension for the LP+ planetary gearbox

Typical Uses

In general mechanical engineering, wherever coaxial drive units are used, e.g. in

  • Packaging machines

  • Wood, glass and ceramic processing machines

  • Plastic injection molding and foil stretching machines

  • Handling systems

  • Machine tools

  • All kinds of auxiliary axes