1PH2 built-in motors

Compact Built-in asynchronous motors for lathe and grinding-wheel spindles

The 1PH2 motors are built-in synchronous motors for high-performance motor spindles. Rotor and stator are ready for installation and have a cooling jacket for liquid cooling. The motors are suitable for the highest demands on machining quality, accuracy and smooth running.

1PH2 built-in motors

  • Compact construction through the elimination of mechanical components

  • Short ramp-up and braking times

  • High degree of shaft stiffness through large inner rotor hole

1PH2 built-in motors - overview of the product range

* Depending on the version and type
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Max. speed*:

up to 10,000 rpm

Rated power*:

7.5 ... 31 kW

Rated torque*:

48 ... 197 Nm

1PH2 built-in motors - typical areas of application

Main spindle drive for machine tools with applications for short ramp-up times and high speeds, e.g. lathes, grinding machines.