SIMOTICS L-1FN3 Linear Motors

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors are linear drives in compact design featuring superior performance / force density. They are characterized by wear-free force transmission. SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors fulfill the highest requirements placed on dynamics, contour accuracy and precision and are optimized for operating high-performance machine tools and production machines.Water-cooled SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors are available in two versions: for peak load and continous load.

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 linear motors – typical fields of application

Applications placing superior dynamic requirements: Machine tool construction, laser machining, handling systems
SIMOTICS L-1FN3 linear motors are optimally suited for operating SINAMICS S120 resp. SIMODRIVE 611D drive systems.

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 linear motors – technical overview

* Depending on the version and type
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Maximum feed force *:

Up to 20,700 N

Speed *:

Up to 836 m/min

Overload capacity *:

Up to 2.75 x FN

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 linear motors - highlights

  • Superior dynamics and precision

  • Superior force density with compact design

  • Superior repeat accuracy