Linear motor complete axes LTS and LTSE

Profile rail slide LTS with 1FN3 linear motor

The linear motor complete axes LTS/LTSE supplied by SKF are units comprising a slide top and a base which are supplied ready for installation and operation. A profile rail guide, the primary and secondary motor parts, a linear encoder including limit switches, limit position dampers and cable trailing device connection are fully integrated into the linear complete axis.

A variant of the SIMOTICS L-1FN3 linear motor series based on convection cooling is used. These axes are thus suitable for use in precise, highly dynamic short-stroke applications which require a high degree of repeat accuracy as well as for the implementation of dynamic linear motions for positioning workpieces and tools.

The linear motors are deployed in combination with SINAMICS S120 converters.

Highly precise and ready-to-install linear complete solution:

  • Read-to-install complete solution for linear movements incl. linear guide, slide, linear motor, encoder and energy chain

  • Self-cooled 1FN3 linear motor with cooling ribs, integrated in the Siemens drive technology (engineering / commissioning Tools)

  • The complete solution can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements in cooperation with SKF

Typical applications

Laser machining operations, such as cutting, marking or rapid prototyping as well as electronic production processes, e.g. fitting, bonding, inspection