Precise movements with a linear motor

Precise movements with a linear motor

If your linear process movements are dynamic and precise, a linear motor is your ideal solution. A linear motor in either of Siemens two classes eliminates almost all elasticity, backlash, friction effects, and drive chain vibration. Because they are extremely robust, every Siemens linear motor experiences a low level of wear and is easily maintained.

First choice for maximum dynamics and precision

SIMOTIC L Linear motors from Siemens are available with maximum force rating up to 20,700 N with feed rates exceeding 1.200 m/min, capabilities that provide maximum productivity. The 1FN3 is a linear motor with a magnetic secondary section that delivers impressive maximum force-to-size ratio and dynamics. The 1FN6 motors also have a magnet-free secondary section track making them ideal for long paths.

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