Automation in accordance with the Weihenstephaner standards

Faster line integration by using Weihenstephaner libraries


The Weihenstephaner standard is the link between the production management level and the machine level. This standard has been developed both for the packaging and filling technologies and for the food processing industry. The possible exchange of data between an MES resp. MIS system and the controllers of different machines thus supports the MES functionalities. For a simplified processing of data, we have specified a standardized physical interface using a uniform command set and database. Physically, the interface is based on the standard Ethernet. WS-proprietary commands are used as TCP/IP protocol.

Quick and easy implementation thanks to Project Generator easyProject

The modules are integrated using the Project Generator easyProject for SIMOTION or SIMATIC. This is included in the Optimized Packaging Line (OPL) Software Toolbox and uses the Weihenstephaner library to integrate the communication blocks in machine projects. In addition to communication, you can also use standard machine applications such as handling through to templates for the user interfaces.

Our Weihenstephaner component

Our OPL Software Toolbox supports the creation of a Weihenstephaner-conforming data interface both for the motion control system SIMOTION and for the SIMATIC controller. The use of these communication interfaces significantly reduces the expenditure for the OEM regarding his machine and for the System Integrator when integrating the machines within a line.
The machine types stored in WS Edit are the basis for the communication data. This tool can be downloaded from the Weihenstephaner Homepage. .

Weihenstephaner – Benefits

  • Reduced engineering expenditure
    thanks to predefined standards

  • Reduced integration costs
    through standardized data interfaces

  • High acceptance of the standard
    in the beverage filling sector