Wire wrapping machines


Wire wrapping machines are used to manufacture coils, transformers and motor windings. Whereby, wrapping is performed from a coil directly on to the coil form or a template under an adjustable tensile force. Depending on the winding speed, the acentric geometry of the body to be wrapped produces fluctuating tensile forces that influence the process. The better the resulting tensile force peaks on the wire are limited by a high-performance control, the better the quality of the wrapped part. On the other hand, a higher speed limit during winding can also be achieved.

Solution example for a wire wrapping machine

You are looking for an automation solution with which you can operate your wire wrapping machine at the highest possible performance and with the best possible winding quality? Irrespective of whether your machine technology is a flyer, template, needle or field coil winder, we provide the correct answer with SIMOTION. With new control algorithms for active, controlled wire braking, this motion control system combines a smooth winding process without wire stretching with an increased winding speed.


  • Interpolatory motion control with SIMOTION

  • Shorter production downtimes through time-optimized motion sequences