Press safety - press safety library


The press safety blocks of the SIMATIC S7-F/P library are fail-safe function and data blocks for mechanical, hydraulic and servo presses. They are certified by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association and can run on fail-safe controllers of the SIMATIC S7-F family.
New function: Safety software cam switchgear


The library of certified press safety functions is suitable for the automation of mechanical and hydraulic presses and is certified according to:

  • DIN EN 62061, version 2005

  • EN ISO 13849.1, version 2006

  • EN 692:2005+A1:2000 "Safety of mechanical presses"

  • EN 693:2001+A2:2011"Safety of machine tools - hydraulic presses"

  • EN 12622:2009 "Safety of machine tools - hydraulic bending presses"

  • EN 13736:2003+A1:2009 "Safety of machine tools - pneumatic presses"

  • PrincipIes for the testing and certification of electrical, electronic, programmable control systems and bus systems (GS.HSM-30), version 02/2012, where applicable


Our certified press safety blocks offer:

  • Cost reduction and time saving in the machine type test
    through already certified standard components

  • Standard and safety-related communication
    via a PROFIBUS or PROFINET network

  • Flexibility in the implementation of safety concepts
    with centralized and distributed safety concepts