Solutions for pipe or wire bending machines

SIMOTION – the right solution for automation

Your customers in the aviation, automotive, chemicals, shipbuilding or cane furniture industry expect the greatest possible precision from every pipe and wire bending machine.

Solution example for a pipe or wire bending machine

The drive and automation technology for a pipe or wire bending machine ensures that the electric and hydraulic axes are positioned exactly and traversed in coordination. Typically, a wire bending machine has 3-4 positioning axes when the machine is manually loaded and unloaded. If this is automated, a further 4-5 handling axes are required.
SIMOTION from Siemens ensures that every pipe or wire bending machine satisfies the high demands on precision and reproducibility.


  • Graded performance of drive and operating components can be optimized to suit the requirements of your pipe or wire bending machine

  • Coordinated traversing of electric and hydraulic axes

  • OPC interface for the connection of CAD systems

  • Extensive diagnostic options between all components

  • Increase in energy efficiency through the use of servo pumps instead of conventional hydraulics for the bending axis