TPS (Torque Pulse Simulation) OA Polygon (Open Architecture) application

Polygon application for internal combustion engine test stands

  • The OA application polygon is a mathematical signal generator that generates a periodic signal from predefined values.

  • The mathematics function can be described as: Output(t, X)=A(t)*Y(X+S(t))+O(t).

  • It can be changed at runtime via BICO.

  • The function runs in the current-controller cycle (Booksize 31.25 ┬Ás).

  • The signal is generated on the basis of a values table or via a simple cam function that can be imported with as many as 10,000 interpolation points via Excel. These interpolation points are stored as dynamic array in the SINAMICS S120.

  • The output value Y depends on X, e.g. from the current actual encoder value, position or electrical angle.

  • Phase and amplitude corrections for the damping or delay compensation in the system are possible.

  • A signal frequency to above 1 kHz can be attained.