Drive components for Test Stands

Test stands with efficient components from Siemens


Technical objects are tested for the reproducibility of specific properties on a test stand. Test stands are available for many areas. Irrespective whether an automotive, roller, gearbox, motor, power or some other special test stand is involved.

In addition to the mechanical design for mounting the test object, the drive and control equipment as well as sensors must be provided to be able to produce the characteristics and record the measured values.

Test stands implemented with Siemens components meet the highest demands:

  • Speed and torque-consistency (low ripple)

  • Adaptable closed-loop system for maximum torque quality

  • SIEMENS closed-loop system for rotating-field frequencies above 1000 Hz

  • Energy recovery for braking without dangerous current harmonics

  • Energy exchange in the coupled DC link for multi-axis test stands

  • Integrated safety functions, e.g. SLS on entering the test cell

  • Integration of modern simulation tools, such as Matlab or Labview

  • Computer coupling for long-term data acquisition (CAN, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP)

  • High dynamic response, e.g. for the simulation of internal combustion engines

Added-value - planning phase (vibration analyses)

Rotor dynamics analysis

Calculation of bending-critical speeds

Multi-body simulation

Calculation of the torsion vibrations

Dynamic designs

SIZER engineering tool for converters and motors

Added-value - engineering phase

Integration of Matlab

Simulink ® models with SINAMICS or SIMOTION


LabVIEW TM interface for SINAMICS drives

TPS (Torque Pulse Simulation)

OA polygon application for simulating internal combustion engines

Periodic signal generation

OA SETPGEN application for generating periodic signals

PROFINET interface for data logger PCs

Implementation of PROFINET using standard Ethernet interfaces

Torque sensor with PROFINET

Integration of torque meters into SINAMICS converter systems

Product Overview


Test Stand solution for Hybrid vehicle / Electric vehicle

Battery Simulation with SINAMICS Standard components