SIMOCRANE Basic Technology

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology - description

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology as a sector solution based on the SIMOTION / SINAMICS platform was launched into the market in the middle of 2007. The new platform is available for both harbor and industrial cranes. The solution addresses high-performance crane applications and allows a modular, scalable closed-loop control system to be obtained for all types of crane systems by adding advanced technology (e.g. Sway Control)

  • SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0 is based on SIMOTION D435-2

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology - typical applications

  • Harbor cranes
    e.g. STS (container crane, also for double spreaders in the tandem mode), RMG (rail mounted gantry), GSU (grab ship unloader), etc.

  • Industrial cranes
    e.g. coil cranes, goliath cranes, garbage incineration cranes, etc.

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology - technology overview

Function modules

Hoisting gear, trolley (cross travel gear), Gantry (long travel gear), holding gear, closing gear, slewing gear, luffing gear, boom-hoist

SIMOCRANE Basic Technology - benefits

  • One platform for all crane technologies
    simplifies standardization
    allows various technologies to be integrated (SIMOCRANE Advanced Technology)

  • Shorter engineering and commissioning costs
    using standard applications ("ready-to-run")
    using simple adaptation and expansions ("ready-to-apply")