Features & technology

The new solution includes the following features

  • The basic technology covers the motion control of all of the main drives of a crane. It includes the functions of all six T300 modules (hoisting gear, long travel gear, long travel gear slave, slewing gear, holding gear and the closing gear) and more (e.g. boom-hoist, luffing gear etc.);

  • All of the functions proven in practice have been integrated into the new platform. All operations have been innovated with the new solutions. At the same time, all of the new requirements from the field have been taken into account

  • New closed-loop control concept for synchronous operation and positioning with position control and tandem mode (double spreader)

  • Possibility of adapting to customer-specific requirements

  • A package permits both ready-to-run (only parameterization) as well as also ready-to-apply (adapted by the user) applications


  • Time-optimized positioning

  • Master-slave torque control

  • Synchronous operation with/without offset compensatory control

  • Synchronous holding gear and closing gear operation

  • Load-dependent field weakening

  • Monitoring (Overspeed, Grab, current distribution)

  • Start pulse

  • Changeover of the ramp-function generator in the field-weakening range and when selecting heavy duty operation

  • Prelimit switch

  • Non-linear setpoint of the master switch

  • Traction control

  • Continuous load measurement

  • Slack rope control

  • Current equalization control

  • Working radius-dependent velocity

  • Ramp-up and ramp-down time dependent on working radius & velocity

  • Brake test

  • Flying referencing

  • Cornering movement

  • Tandem mode

  • Advanced Technology (Sway Control, 2D trajectory,...)