Crane Management System SIMOCRANE CMS

Efficient crane operation and maintenance


The Crane Management System SIMOCRANE CMS is a PC-based visualization application (SCADA).It provides operating and diagnostic messages for the crane operator and supports maintenance through operating hours and load cycle counters.Further, you can acquire and evaluate operating and throughput data.

In former times we have been influenced by proprietary and inflexible solutions. Today, with SIMOCRANE CMS, we rely on well-established standard products from the industrial sector. Thus, we enable our customers to autonomously integrate changes and extensions at any time in their system resp. remain state-of-the-art.

The Crane Management System is based on SIMATIC WinCC and offers all functions of an advanced visualization product. The application is supplemented by functions from the crane environment. You thus receive a sophisticated product with sector-specific orientation and a preconfigured standard application.

The WinCC standard projects supplied provide a quick entry through completely preconfigured pictures. You can adjust these pictures at any time to your individual requirements resp. supplement them. You can ensure the operability of the Crane Management System with a few operator actions. In the best case, you need only ensure the supply of the data interface from the crane controller.

Typical fields of applications

Industrial and harbor crane systems

Overview about the technology

The Crane Management System includes various components:

Crane controller:

CMS Basic with basic functions (e.g. fault diagnosis)
CMS options (e.g. multi-terminal operation)

Management level:

RCMS server and operator stations


  • Convenient configuring and commissioning with SIMATIC WINCC
    thanks to included standard projects for most of the crane types andthe transparent interface to the crane controller

  • Convenient usability
    due to language-independant icons for operation and display of statuses and operating values anduser-related contents (e.g. for crane operator or maintenance staff)

  • Flexible, adjustable, upgradable solutions
    through the use of the visualization software WinCC which is well proven in industrial applicationsby using standardized communication channels for controllers from different manufacturers