Basic functions for the Crane Management System SIMOCRANE CMS

CMS Basic system – Graphic status display

The standard project comprises a comprehensive library of pictures and picture objects for visualizing the crane, its components and subsystems.

CMS Basic system – Operator functions

We have prepared further pictures which allow the crane operator to set operating parameters. Specific stipulations must be laid down when using Advanced Technology functions such as sway control, crane positioning, etc. This is done via the control unit in the crane operator cabin.

CMS Basic Bedienfunktionen

CMS Basic system – Error messages and diagnosis

The WinCC error message system forms the basis for this function. On the basis of an error message on the screen, the service technician can quickly access important information sources, such as wiring diagrams, drawings. etc., to be able to quickly localize the error.

CMS Basissystem, Fehlermeldungen und Diagnose