Straight-Run Controller SIMOCRANE CeNIT

Electronic straight-run controller for EOT and gantry cranes


The most frequent cause of excessive wear of crane track wheels and rails is caused by off-tracking. This can have various causes, for instance excessively off-center loads, rail tracks that have subsided or uneven driving force. The actual reason for significant crane wear frequently cannot be determined or resolved. Using the SIMOCRANE CeNIT straight-run controller the crane can be controlled so that off-tracking is prevented. It guides the crane parallel to the rail track - therefore significantly reducing wear.

The task of the straight-run control is to specifically align the crane to the rail center line by applying different drive torques - and then keeping the crane at this center position. Contactless sensors mounted on one of the two head beams measure the transverse offset between the track wheel and rail. Using this sensor data and the travel signals, the controller calculates the setpoint velocity for both drive sides. If the crane travels too far to the left, then it is controlled to the right - if it is centered, then it travels straight ahead. In most applications, the controller ensures that the crane moves along the reference line (track centerline) in a corridor of ± 5 mm. The wheel flange does not come into contact with the rail - or if at all, only very infrequently.

Typical applications

The straight-run controller is primarily suited for EOT cranes where increased wear of track wheels and rails has been observed or is expected.