SIMOCRANE TPS Sensor Controller

Highly precise laser measurement system for truck position measurement

SIMOCRANE TPS, Sensor Controller – Description

The SIMOCRANE Sensor Controller constitutes the heart of highly precise laser-based measurement systems. The controller has standardized interfaces to max. two SIMOCRANE 3D laser scanners. Depending on the configuration, the controller executes the following tasks:

  • Control of the SIMOCRANE 3D Sensors

  • Collection of raw data from sensors and detection of scanned objects

  • Calculation of the position of detected objects

  • Provision of a command and data interface (OPC) for crane control and operation

SIMOCRANE TPS, Sensor Controller – Overview about the technology

*) Non-parameterized objects are not measured


The sensor controller can control max. two 3D sensors. Depending on the configuration, several functions can be combined

Position detection

Terminal container means of transport (truck) (max. 8) * ISO container (preconfigured)

SIMOCRANE TPS, Sensor Controller – Brief overview of its strengths

  • Convenient operation

  • Automatic laser calibration (no calibration stand required)

  • Highly precise position detection due to innovative computer model