Camera System SIMOCRANE CenSOR

Skew pull protection for cranes


It is not permissible that crane operators "pull or shift loads with a skew" or "move vehicles using the load or the load suspension equipment", unless the crane has been precisely designed and dimensioned for this (accident prevention regulations for cranes). Although every crane operator knows this regulation, accidents – in some cases severe – continue to occur as it is precisely this regulation that is not observed. The SIMOCRANE CenSOR skew pull protection device optically detects slew pull and effectively prevents the crane and trolley from lifting or traveling. Dangerous sway motion as a result of lifting at a skew - either purposely done or accidentally - is prevented.

SIMOCRANE CenSOR comprises a compact camera unit that continually determines the position of the load hook. Moving and lifting the load can be inhibited if it is identified that the load is located off-center on the ground. The device provides isolated switching contacts, which intervene in the end stop shutdown of the travel and hoisting gear. As a consequence it is no longer possible to drag loads along the ground or lift loads that are off-center. Additional sensors or a programmable logic controller are not required.

Typical applications

The slew pull protection can be used on all cranes with a rope reeving system.