Drive system for three-phase motors

With motion control systems into the future

The modular SINAMICS drive system in conjunction with induction servomotors – coordinated for operation with SINAMICS – is the basis for drive solutions for crane applications.

We offer powerful drive solutions tailored to address the special requirements of crane applications regarding application environment, power range and ruggedness in harbors and industrial plants and systems.

For Basic Technology, SIMOCRANE crane technology uses the DC/AC drives SINAMICS S120 – and for Drive-Based Technology, the AC/AC drives SINAMICS S120 (PM340/PMChassis) and the SINAMICS G120 (PM250).

Products used

We rely on proven standard products for the SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS G120 built-in units


For the SINAMICS S120 CM cabinet system and for servo and standard motors, well-proven standard products are used, extended by crane-specific options.

You can find a specific description of our motors and converters for crane applications in the catalog, which can be accessed via "All about ..:" -> Marketing Materials