SIMOTRAS HD Three-Phase AC Controller

The three-phase AC controller for slip-ring motor control

SIMOTRAS HD - Description

SIMOTRAS HD is a fully-controlled digital, three-phase thyristor controller in a compact design with stator phase control and electronic field reversal with ratings of between 20kW and 580kW for the open and closed-loop control of slip-ring motors for cranes and hoisting gear.

All converters are equipped with a basic PMU operator panel in the door of the unit. The PMU can be used to perform all of the adaptations, settings and measured value displays required for commissioning. The basic unit can also be operated via its serial service interface using a commercially available PC and suitable software. All of the unit settings (e.g. controller parameters, limits ...) are stored in the unit in a non-volatile memory.

SIMOTRAS HD - typical fields of application

  • Hoisting, swiveling, luffing, trolley and long travel gears as well as single and multi-motor drives

  • Steelworks and foundries (available up to an ambient temperature of 65°)

SIMOTRAS HD - an overview of the technology

* depending on the version and type

Voltage and power range*

3-ph. 110 V - 500V AC, +/- 10%, 20 - 580 kW

Closed-loop control types*

Load-dependent, continuously variable speed control from -60% to +60% – and also controlled travel using rotor resistors

4-Q drive using stator phase control with electronic rotating field reversal

SIMOTRAS HD - benefits

  • Compact design
    as the open-loop control is integrated in the drive

  • Favorably-priced solution in the retrofit area
    by using slip-ring rotor motors that already exist in the plant or system

  • Simple integration into the existing automation environment
    using the optional PROFIBUS interface