CNC solutions for the power industry

Sustainable power generation starts with forward-looking manufacturing


Whether wind or water power, gas and steam power stations – the increasingly complex power generation methods require automation and manufacturing technologies which are ever more adaptable and powerful. Advanced machine tools optimize the quality, efficiency and manufacturing speed in the manufacture of all components.

Regarding industrial automation technology, our manufacturing solutions for the power generation industry open up a completely new chapter.

Typical fields of application

  • Wind power
    Wind energy plants are subjected to enormous stress and superior performance requirements. For the manufacture of components, this means: The automated manufacturing of, for example, gears, gearbox housings and rotors must be efficient and highly precise.

  • Water power
    Differently designed turbines are used in water or tidal power plants. Its manufacturing requires high speed and superior accuracy in machining.

  • Gas and steam power
    Gas and steam turbines are used in numerous areas of power generation – in power stations or when generating renewable energy, for example, in geothermal power stations. Precise manufacturing processes must ensure that these turbines work reliably even under high stress.

All benefits at a single glance

  • Integral and scalable solutions:
    From the machine concept to safety concepts through to services (consulting, training, etc.)

  • High-end solutions such as the optimized CAD/CAM CNC process chain
    to ensure utmost productivity

  • Know-how in all relevant CNC technologies for the Power generation industry:
    5-axis machining, multitasking, grinding, robotics, laser machining, composite machining and many more.

Benefit from our products and solutions

Specific technologies through SINUMERIK 840D sl Open Architecture

Open CNC system as a basis for highly specific machining technologies

High cutting volume with SINUMERIK MDynamics

Dynamic 5-axis machining ensuring highest cutting volume, together with maximum precision

Perfectly tailored process chain with SINUMERIK 840D sl and NX

Consistent CAD/CAM CNC integration with the SINUMERIK 840D sl and the NX CAD/CAM system

Superior availability through IT integration with SINUMERIK Integrate

Optimal acquisition and visualization of machine and operating data