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Shorter time to market with solutions for SINUMERIK


Bringing parts into the right shape with perfect surface machining

SINUMERIK CNC controllers are the ideal solution for all applications used on the electronic components market. The requirements met include superior surface quality, shorter cutting times as well as very short chip to chip times. SINUMERIK CNC controllers have been especially designed to meet extreme robustness requirements and ensure around-the-clock machining times.

Typical fields of application

  • Manufacture of housings for smartphones, tablet PCs, consumer electronic components

  • Solutions for the process and in production:
    Tapping centers, moldmaking applications, laser machining, handling

All benefits at a single glance

  • Superior surface quality
    without additional work, due to innovative motion control

  • Utmost productivity
    through standardization

  • High process reliability
    through integrated CAD/CAM solutions

Benefit from our products and solutions

Utmost surface quality with SINUMERIK MDynamics

State-of-the-art control algorithms ensure superior surface quality within a very short machining time

Utmost productivity through perfectly tailored process chain with SINUMERIK 840D sl and NX

Consistent CAD/CAM CNC integration from the Siemens NX CAD/CAM system and SINUMERIK CNC

Reduced downtimes thanks to the SINUMERIK synchronous architecture

Features minimizing process downtimes such as tool change

Superior availability through IT integration with SINUMERIK Integrate

Optimal acquisition and visualization of machine data, operating and machine statuses

Customized manufacturing solutions with SINUMERIK Open Architecture

Standardized manufacturing solutions based on the open SINUMERIK system architecture