Solutions for Powertrain – TRANSLINE: Get the most out of standards

TRANSLINE project manual

The TRANSLINE project manual describes the main standardization aspects and is thus the basis for consistent hardware and software standardization. The basis for standardization is theTRANSLINE components list, which allows to equip both machines and systems in a uniform manner. This allows to reduce the total cost of ownership through reduced spare parts requirements, lower training costs as well as easier maintenance.

TRANSLINE operator interfaces HMI PRO and HMI Lite

The operator interfaces HMI PRO and HMI Lite offer manufacturer-independent, consistent machine operation and diagnostics in mechanical manufacture and assembly. Both machine operators and commissioners benefit from our standardization process through consistent operation and diagnostics of all machines and systems.

TRANSLINE application examples

The TRANSLINE standard comprises standardized application examples for the typical applications performed in motor, gearbox and axis production, for example, flexible manufacturing or assembly lines.

TRANSLINE – Customized, standardized concept

With TRANSLINE, Siemens provides a complete technical solution and a standardized modular system kit based on SIMATIC, SINUMERIK, SINAMICS, SIMOTICS and PROFINET.
The recipe for success of TRANSLINE lies in a standardized, simple and totally integrated design. Ingredients: Always the same hardware design, always the same operator interfaces, always the same tools for configuring, programming, commissioning and diagnostics.