SINAMICS Startdrive Commissioning Software

SINAMICS Engineering in the TIA Portal

The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) is the next generation of engineering software for industrial automation. The TIA Portal includes SINAMICS Startdrive to intuitively integrate SINAMICS drives into the automation landscape. The same operating concept, elimination of interfaces and the high user-friendliness make it possible to quickly integrate SINAMICS converters into the automation environment and commission them using the TIA Portal.

Advantages of the TIA-Portal

With the integration of SINAMICS Startdrive, the outstanding user-friendliness of the TIA Portal is now available for drive technology.

  • The same user navigation for control system, HMI and drive technology increases the engineering productivity and reduces the potential for making errors

  • A common hardware configuration for all components of the application

  • Common data management for the control system and inverter in one tool automatically guarantees consistency

  • A common library concept guarantees the simple reusability of the inverter

User-friendliness of SINAMICS Startdrive

  • Intuitive parameterization: user-friendly wizards and screen forms for an optimal parameterization

  • Structured inverter engineering according to the particular task

  • Simple configuration of the matching SIMOTICS motors

SINAMICS Startdrive sets itself apart with the following features:

  • All powerful TIA Portal functions are also available for engineering drives

  • High performance trace without additional tool

  • Integrated system diagnostics with inverter messages

  • High performance trace without additional tool