Getting started with SINAMICS Startdrive

Find out more about the handling and the functions using the SINAMICS Startdrive integrated into the TIA Portal. The tutorial and the Getting Started information are indicative only and make no claim to be technically complete. For a more detailed description, please use the online help of SINAMICS Startdrive and the drive documentation.

Multimedia tutorial for commissioning and diagnostics

This tutorial provides a brief overview showing you how to work with SINAMICS Startdrive. The different steps for creating a project and the commissioning and diagnostics tools are shown in brief using a typical example.
To benefit from the complete scope of the tutorial, you will need a loudspeaker or a headset to listen to the commentary.

If the tutorial is not executable online in your browser, you can download here a offline version.

Getting Started as a PDF for downloading

Would you like to load the tutorial contents as a brief summary in PDF format? Then you're in the right place. You can use the document as a compact set of instructions to show you the most important operator input steps.

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