SINAMICS V60 Basic Servo Drive System with 1FL5 servomotors

The perfect solution for basic servo applications

SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 – Description

SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 and Cables

The SINAMICS V60 servo converter has been especially designed to address simple servo applications, where the main focus is on cost efficiency. With the pulse/direction interface, it forms the perfect solution for basic positioning tasks in conjunction with programmable logic controllers, such as SIMATIC S7-1200 or SIMATIC S7-200.

The 1FL5 servomotor is designed for operation with the SINAMICS V60 servo converter. Together, they form an optimally coordinated axis package.

SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 – a brief Summary of Strengths

  • Simple component selection:
    Based on the rated torque required for his application, the user selects the optimum converter/motor combination.

  • Simple commissioning:
    The drive solution is commissioned by simply setting parameters at the device. The motor data are already preset.

  • Complete solution:
    SINAMICS V60 is designed for operation with 1FL5 servomotors. SINAMICS V60 and 1FL5 motors, together with the matching connection system, form a ready-to-run drive system.

SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 – Technical Data


Voltage and
power ranges

0.8 - 2.0 kW
220 - 240 V 3AC -15%/+10%

Types of control

Servo control (Pulse/direction setpoint interface to the higher-level control system)

1FL5 servomotors

Rated speed:

2000 rpm

Rated output:

0.8kW - 2.0kW

Rated torque:

4 Nm - 10 Nm

SINAMICS V60 with 1FL5 – Typical Uses

The solution is especially suitable in conjunction with PLC systems for positioning tasks, for instance: Stacking and unstacking magazines, Indexing rotary tables, Indexing conveyor belts, axes and other transport equipment, Controlling simple, interpolating axes, Positioning servo valves, Positioning adjusting axes Positioning feed axes in simple machine tools.